Timetable 875 Summer 2017OutwardHomeward
Eaton Ford, Eaton Oak07:2217:12
St Neots (Spar)07:2817:04
St Neots (Ernulf School, bus area)07:3317:00
Sandy, St Neots Road07:43
Sandy, Market Square07:4516:48
Sandy, Bedford Road07.4716.46
Riverside Carpark (BGS)08:1516:27
St Cuthberts Street (Bedford School/St Andrews08:2016:23
Clapham Road (BMS & Rushmoor)08:2816:15


    1. On the homeward journey, Bedford Girls School passengers will be picked up outside the school on the Cardington Road.
    2. On the homeward journey, Bedford Boys School and St Andrews passengers will be picked up outside St Peter’s Church in De Parys Avenue.

Contact – 875 Bus Rep